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I have personally not seen a tornado in action, let alone get an opportunity to study its physical dynamics. When I came to think about it several times as I looked at the photos online, its general shape resembles that of a small tornado that forms in a bathtub when I release the water.

"There is no such thing as a straight line in nature. All gases and liquids move in a spiral formation because that’s the path of least resistance. There’s virtually no drag. Because all living things go through a fluid phase in their development, we take on those shapes too. And yet human beings still insist on making things in a straight line."
- Jay Harman, inventor of the Lily Impeller.

When Jay realized this phenomenon, he spent almost 20 years trying to freeze the spiral tornado motion of the water in his bathtub to get the shape of the lily impeller right. He believed that this small tornado shape could fundamentally change how we generate energy, purify our water, even cool our homes, and save energy while doing all of that. I believe that this design could be used in various other places where motors and fan blades are used. for example, table fans, where simply changing the fan blades with the lily impellers could flush more air in the room with even less energy consumption.

Thank you, Jay Harman, for the incredible discovery and the commitment to design revolutionary impellers!

Understanding nature and its meticulous efforts in the form of evolution of different species that thrive in different environments has given us millions of years of research and development, as we can call it. Hence, it only makes sense to take advantage of such an invaluable resource to design better products and solve many of our problems.

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